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Qt-based Multimedia Player

Qmmp Plugin Pack

Plugin pack is a set of extra plugins for Qmmp.

Attention! Carefully read the documentation before usage.

Plugin List Requirements


>>> qmmp-plugin-pack-0.11.3.tar.bz2 [MD5] (stable version for Qt4)
>>> qmmp-plugin-pack-1.2.3.tar.bz2 [MD5] (stable version for Qt5)
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Mirror on SourceForge

To get the latest development sources, first install subversion client and run one of the following commands:

# stable branch for Qt4 (bug fixes only)
svn checkout qmmp-plugin-pack-0.11
# stable branch for Qt5 (bug fixes only)
svn checkout qmmp-plugin-pack-1.2
# development branch for Qt4
svn checkout qmmp-plugin-pack-0.12
# development branch for Qt5
svn checkout qmmp-plugin-pack-1.3

ALT Linux
Package for ALT Linux
Arch Linux
Qmmp Plugin Pack in the Arch User Repository (AUR)
Fedora includes Qmmp Plugin Pack. Visit for more detailes.
Plugins with patent restrictions are available here
Fedora package information
FreeBSD includes Qmmp Plugin Pack in its ports tree, as multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack
Qmmp Plugin Pack in the FreeBSD SVN repository
FreeBSD port skeleton also is available here
Gentoo Linux
Gentoo includes Qmmp Plugin Pack in its portage tree, as media-plugins/qmmp-plugin-pack.
Gentoo package information
Package for openSUSE is available here
SlackBuild script
Ubuntu Linux
PPA with the latest version
Binary packages for Windows
To find information on the availability Qmmp Plugin Pack in your distribution, you can also use or Repology service.

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