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Qt-based Multimedia Player


This program is an audio-player, written with the help of the Qt library. The user interface is similar to winamp or xmms. Alternative user interface also is available.


Qmmp 0.10.10 and 1.1.10 have been released 23:17:06/04-08-2017
Changes since 0.10.9 and 1.1.9:
  • added feature to download playlist from https;
  • increased DirectSound buffer size;
  • decreased waiting time in the WASAPI plugin;
  • improved plugin list in the settings dialog;
  • fixed regression in the 'jump to track' dialog;
  • fixed possible segmentation fault;
  • fixed seeking in the ffmpeg plugin;
  • fixed null pointer dereference in the mpeg plugin;
  • fixed gcc warnings;
  • fixed dithering settings;
  • fixed 24 bits support in the WASAPI plugin;
  • fixed segmentation fault on Ogg FLAC streams;
  • fixed XPM skins support;
  • fixed Qt 5.9 support in the global hotkey plugin (1.1.10 only);
  • updated documentation;
  • updated Galician translation.

Qmmp Plugin Pack 0.10.3 and 1.1.4 have been released 23:11:08/04-08-2017
Changes since 0.10.2 and 1.1.3:
  • fixed possible segmentation fault in the mpg123 plugin;
  • fixed MP3 in WAV container detection in the mpg123 plugin;
  • fixed Russian translation;
  • updated Galician translation.
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Qmmp 0.10.9 and 1.1.9 have been released 11:50:32/03-06-2017
Changes since 0.10.8 and 1.1.8:
  • using relative skin path for portable configuration;
  • improved WASAPI support;
  • fixed cursors support in the skinned user interface;
  • fixed freezing when using DirectSound output;
  • fixed documentation;
  • fixed issue with 'jump to track' dialog when single click activation is enabled;
  • fixed tray icon tooltip (1.1.9 only);
  • fixed FLAC bitrate calculation;
  • fixed segmentation fault in the ffmpeg plugin;
  • fixed Russian translation;
  • updated French translation.

Qmmp 0.10.8 and 1.1.8 have been released 13:23:38/23-03-2017
Changes since 0.10.7 and 1.1.7:
  • fixed PCM Wave support;
  • fixed Game Boy support in the gme plugin;
  • fixed Xing header detection in the mpeg plugin;
  • fixed output of the '--status' command line option;
  • fixed maximum year in the tag editor.

Qmmp is 10 years old! 22:23:47/22-03-2017


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