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Qt-based Multimedia Player


This program is an audio-player, written with the help of the Qt library. The user interface is similar to winamp or xmms. Alternative user interfaces also are available.


Qmmp Plugin Pack 0.7.6 has been released 16:01:04/05-04-2014
Changes since 0.7.5:
  • added seeking using mouse wheel;
  • fixed crash in the ffap plugin under win32;
  • fixed playlist name update bug;
  • fixed reset selection of tracks when calling context menu.
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Qmmp 0.7.6 has been released 15:55:04/05-04-2014
Changes since 0.7.5:
  • added libav 10 and ffmpeg 2.2 support;
  • fixed url parsing;
  • fixed freezing on playback resume;
  • fixed random freezing in the mplayer plugin;
  • fixed reset selection of tracks when calling context menu;
  • fixed multimedia keys support under win32.

Google Code Downloads 09:13:25/12-02-2014
Dear maintainers. Google abandoned its download service. Please, check your build scripts.
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Qmmp Plugin Pack 0.7.5 has been released 22:40:34/11-02-2014
Changes since 0.7.4:
  • fixed tab closing bug in the qsui plugin;
  • fixed cpu architecture detection while build using qmake;
  • fixed feature to disable qsui before build;
  • fixed latest cmake support.
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Qmmp 0.7.5 has been released 22:38:02/11-02-2014
Changes since 0.7.4:
  • fixed case sensitivity while checking file extensions;
  • fixed special global keys support under the win32 platform;
  • fixed latest cmake support;
  • fixed initial position of the equalizer volume slider;
  • fixed clang warnings.


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