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Qt-based Multimedia Player


This program is an audio-player, written with the help of the Qt library. The user interface is similar to winamp or xmms. Alternative user interface also is available.


Qmmp 1.3.7 has been released 19:14:51/26-03-2020
Changes since 1.3.6:
  • using as default CDDB server;
  • fixed several crashes in the file operations plugin;
  • fixed mpris support;
  • fixed text scroller issues in the skinned plugin;
  • fixed cmake warning;
  • updated Polish translation.
Attention! This is the last releases of the 1.3.x branch.

Qmmp Plugin Pack 0.12.2 and 1.3.2 have been released 18:03:06/26-03-2020
Changes since 0.12.1 and 1.3.1:
  • fixed cmake warning;
  • updated French translation.
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Qmmp 0.12.6 and 1.3.6 have been released 17:33:45/14-01-2020
Changes since 0.12.5 and 1.3.5:
  • added 'album artist' and 'composer' tags support in the ffmpeg plugin;
  • fixed window title updating when playing CUE tracks;
  • fixed crash on Futura skin in the skinned ui;
  • updated French translation;
  • updated Indonesian translation.

Qmmp 0.12.5 and 1.3.5 have been released 20:11:38/21-12-2019
Changes since 0.12.4 and 1.3.4:
  • added icon for 'play/pause' action;
  • fixed 'album artist' tag support;
  • fixed issue with missing bitrate after application restart;
  • fixed issue with incorrect audio properties displaying;
  • fixed crash on corrupted .m4a files;
  • fixed duration overflow;
  • fixed playlist duration update;
  • fixed issue with special symbols in the track change plugin;
  • fixed crash on encrypted archives;
  • updated Galician translation.

Qmmp 0.12.4 and 1.3.4 have been released 23:37:16/27-08-2019
Changes since 0.12.3 and 1.3.3:
  • improved mp3 file determination;
  • added format name in the ffmpeg plugin;
  • fixed pausing logic;
  • fixed random crash when changing audio settings;
  • fixed crash in the QtMultimedia plugin (1.3.4 only);
  • fixed build warning;
  • fixed duration formatting;
  • fixed ReplayGain support;
  • fixed memory leak;
  • fixed multiple channels support in the equalizer;
  • updated Ukrainian translation;
  • updated Italian translation.


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